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We aim to bridge the technology and skills gap between industry and the academe; hence, Alliance Software initiated:

School Linkages

“Industry Readiness Program” is an enhanced training program that aims to prepare graduating students to become industry-fit individuals.

On the Job Training Programs

Benefits include Alliance providing ideas, guidance, and support through the following:

Projects for IT-related topics such as Software Engineering, Analysis and Design, Testing (with approval from your Chair)

Flexible schedule that is compatible with the student's academic schedule (e.g. Increase number of hours to meet requirements of the school)

Continuation of OJT through part time work at Alliance during the first & second semester

Training from industry practitioners

Option for the student to work on their school project (e.g. Capstone, Thesis) with inputs and guidance from Alliance

Priority for full-time Technical positions at Alliance Software Inc. for students who successfully completed the OJT program and their degree

Summer training sessions

There is no cost to participate in the program. In addition, participants will be given allowances based on their attendance and timeliness.

Assists with development and implementation of projects, with assigned tasks in the following areas:


Quality Assurance and Testing

Analysis and Design



Enrolled in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and other IT-related courses.

Good scholastic record.

Committed to the whole duration of the program.

Organized team player that has attention to details.

Basic proficiency in English. Nihongo is an advantage.

Campus Recruitment

Bridge Training Program
If you are among the top 10 percentile of your class, then this program will give you an edge

Intended for students entering their last year in their degree program (e.g., incoming 4th year or incoming 5th year for Computer Engineering).
Focus on equipping students with knowledge on developing a web-based system
Introduce basic PM skills needed upon entering the workplace.
Teachbasic Japanese expressions and phonetics.
This program can be credited as OJT or Practicum and the number of hours can be increased to meet the requirements of the school(e.g., pursue OJT program, add a project component).

Near Hire Program
If you possess great potential and character, this program will take you a notch higher.

Alliance sponsors a subject/class during the semester to enhance industry readiness
Alliance engineers as co-lecturers in a college subject
Increase opportunities of absorption for mid-tier graduates towards meaningful and higher value employment.
Successful completion of any Alliance-sponsored training will entitlestudentsto a special designation “Alliance Scholar”, which translates to additional salary incentives upon successfully passing the Alliance hiring process
Positive influence to program curriculum via industry relevance

Graduate Success Stories

Aime Amor Bacus

"Alliance people and management helped me a lot to become who I am today. Their trust and confidence that I can do all the challenges at work is of great help. By providing all the necessary trainings and getting you involved on how the industry works, Alliance contributed and helped me to become a better person."

Annie Lyn Bandies

"When I was assigned to an IBM related project, I was able to work with the client directly and was trusted with their Notes DBs - lots of them."

Geo Paolo Najarro

"Being assigned to critical projects allowed me to grow professionally and technically."

Wietzell Marimon

"Alliance has taught me to be strong, confident and be the best that I could be. If not because of the colleagues I've worked with and the knowledge they've imparted, I will never be who I am today."

Kouki Maeta

"Alliance has molded me from a follower to a good leader. The experience here helped me improve as a person-- to be responsible of my colleagues and our work. "

Maria Jenessa Hagonoy

"I was assigned to challenging projects and trained by the best mentors. Projects, trainings, mentors and friends combined with my dedication and passion to learn has molded me to become a better software engineer and person - beating the person I was yesterday, being a better person today, and becoming the best person I could be tomorrow. "

Noemi Chris Revalde

"Everyone at Alliance is approachable, may it be your Team Lead or Supervisor. They always make you feel that you really belong even if you just came in. "