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Alliance Software Inc. launches SelfDrvn, perfect for employee engagement

  June 25, 2021

Alliance Software Inc. has partnered with Singaporean company SelfDrvn to launch a gamified platform aimed at supporting companies struggling from employee engagement. This innovation can get your hands on the industrial revolution, tools for strengthening corporate culture and employee relationships. The amazing low-cost platform provides fun and fulfills your goals efficiently while making your employees' dreams come true.

The main goal for this partnership is to satisfy customers by providing an application to address challenges in employee engagement. This will help improve businesses processes and enrich employees’ lives through their experience with the app during their employment.

Many employees feel burnt-out, uninvolved, and demotivated. They don’t have the voice to speak up, share their sentiments or even engage themselves in company activities. Management can make use of this app to amplify their employee programs, understand what the employees think or feel and ultimately make their employment a valuable one.

SelfDrvn always maintains the highest quality in its functionality and strives to provide the same quality to all customers. The company's unique features centered on quality and employee satisfaction have been able to withstand competition for years. Employees can log into their accounts to plan goals, claim rewards, share ideas, or interact with colleagues. Real time peer-to-peer feedback is readily available to commend employees and align in challenging times.

Selfdrvn takes the lead in gamified platform for organizations. This app is available on both Android and IOS and businesses can do more to become an employer of choice with the use of SelfDrvn.

Become the employer of choice and improve employee engagement in your organization today. For more information, contact +639173019686 or visit

About Alliance Software

Alliance Software, Inc. is a global IT services and solutions company. Alliance was established in 2000 and has since grown to become one of the Philippines' largest and most respected independent software development outsourcing company. Alliance offers cutting edge yet practical business solutions packaged under the Alliance Edge brand. Aside from KeyAqua, solutions include WebPOS, Accounting packages such as SAP B1 and Microsoft Dynamics, HRIS + Payroll package, CRM, and relevant cloud solutions. Alliance is a managed CSP specializing in the development, deployment and managed service support on the Azure cloud platform. More at &

About Selfdrvn

Founded in 2015, SelfDrvn is an industry leading Employee Experience Technology platform to help leading organizations build a future-ready workforce that is agile, flexible and innovative. Selfdrvn applied Analytics, Gamification and Digital Nudges to improve employee engagement, learning, collaboration and productivity, leading to your business growth and winning in the marketplace.