The Company's training and development program is designed to ensure that employees have the essential knowledge and skills required to maintain a high level of performance in their current position and the opportunity to acquire the additional knowledge and skills that will be necessary for them to assume broader responsibilities.

The company is offering various training approaches and they are as follows:

Internal Training

Aims to develop the employee’s capabilities, productivity and career growth potential within the Company.

External Training

Seminars and workshops relevant to the present and future work assignments which cannot be provided through the Company's internal training programs that will help employees gain more knowledge about their field of specialization.

Special Assignment

Assignments are generally short in nature and will depend on the specific skills required by the department. It is intended to offer employees the opportunity to experience a different work environment, which will contribute to increased work exposure/experience and will improve motivation.

Generally, the Company's training program includes technical and management skills development and Japanese language proficiency program as well as funding for continuing education – Graduate Studies.

Technical Training

Employees are provided with project management and range of technical courses that incorporate the Japanese Management Skills level trainings. Technical skills training are handled both internally and externally by competitive set of trainers.

Nihongo Training

Our employees also undergo a comprehensive Nihongo language training course to ensure that they have the skills to work with high profile Japanese projects. Moreover, they receive incentive for passing internal and official Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Management Development Program

This prepares our supervisors, project leaders, and managers to become a better leader of their own business unit/department thru our leadership training program; as well as a more valuable contributor to the company’s vision. Furthermore, it ensures their holistic professional and personal growth in today’s workforce.